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Gifts you can feel good about giving

The holidays are upon us, and, if you’re passionate about eco conscious living, the gift buying and giving season can send a sustainable shiver down your spine.

With 25 million tons of waste produced during the holidays alone, in addition to the deluge of fast fashion, toys, and meaningless stuff being sold all over the world, just how do you shop sustainably and buy the perfect gifts that are also eco-friendly and that will last long past the holiday season?

Whether you are shopping for your husband, wife, children, niece, nephew, or grandkids, shopping for sustainable gifts starts with an intention at the beginning of the season. An intention to actually feel good about the gifts you give and get.

It isn’t a checklist but an intention list that will make your holiday shopping fun, less stressful, and a gift not only for the recipient but for the planet too.

A sustainable Gift Buying Checklist

When shopping for sustainable gifts, set your standards from the start, to make sure the gift you are buying is actually sustainable and a gift the recipient will appreciate.

  • What is the gift made out of? Is it made of eco-friendly materials that don't compromise their health and the health of the planet?
  • Who made the gift? Is the brand transparent about their factories and sourcing?
  • Does the brand champion the message of sustainability? With the rise of greenwashing amongst popular brands, it’s important to do a little research before you invest in a company that isn’t practicing true sustainability.
  • Is the gift practical & something they can use for many years? While this may sound too practical and not exciting for kids, in fact, it’s just the opposite. The child will grow up with a sense of reinforced eco conscious values that will last a lifetime.

Buying Clothing as a Gift

While “ugly sweaters” from your well intentioned Aunt can make a funny photo on social media, giving clothing as a gift doesn’t have to end up at the bottom of the recipient’s closet.

With the right intentions, it can actually be a sustainable, appreciated and meaningful gift option for the ones you love.

In fact, sustainable clothing is one of the few gifts that not only won’t pollute the environment, but it will provide long lasting wear, and happy memories of you every time the person wears it.

Clothing as a gift to all members of the family is the gift that keeps on giving - to you, to the wearer, and to the planet.

So without further ado, here are our picks for sustainable clothing to give as gifts.

Natural & organic holiday gift ideas from Nui Organics



This one is an easy win for both the giver and receiver. Everyone loves a gift card to their favorite store - and even better is if your gift introduces them to a store they have never heard of that shares their sustainable values so they can shop it long term!

There is nothing better than giving someone the gift of sustainability, choice, and personal style. A gift card is a sustainable and easy way to finish your holiday shopping (and avoid shipping fees and delays!).Nui Gift Card



Butter soft and naturally pure, our super fine GOTS certified organic 17.5 micron merino crew and legging sets make the world's best next-to-skin, top to bottom layer.

Thermal sets make the most perfect pajamas or can be worn outdoors.

Thermo-regulating, antimicrobial, anti-odor and super soft, both pieces are so versatile they can be combined with other pieces from their existing wardrobe, making it an even more sustainable option to extend the usability of what they currently have.

Shop Organic Merino Thermals




A wardrobe essential, socks make a great gift or stocking stuffer. Our Nui Organics Merino Wool Socks are extra special and when given as a gift due to the inherent properties of wool, they are seen for greater value than a basic pair of cotton socks.     

What makes merino wool socks so amazing? To start, they are super soft, itch-free, and warm. Plus, due to wool’s amazing natural properties, wool socks can absorb a high amount of moisture while keeping feet feeling warm and dry. And because they are antimicrobial, you won’t have to worry about smelly feet.

Everybody needs a pair (or two!) of merino wool socks.  So good thing we have them to fit everyone!

Shop Merino Socks



Pure hypoallergenic silk blends with breathable organic merino. The silk adds extra sheen, strength and depth, with colors so gorgeous they are sure to put the sparkle in any Holiday home! It’s almost a shame to wrap them!

Tanks, crews and leggings are breathable and temperature regulating and suitable for year-round wear.  

With sizes ranging from newborn to XXL men no one misses out there is something for everyone.  

Gift Merino Silk



Because everyone needs a favorite tee - giving the gift of a Nui Merino Tencel Tee will have the recipient thanking you every time they wear their new favorite tee.

Don’t take it from us, here are a few of the recent reviews:
“It’s the softest shirt I own now.”

“It’s my new favorite tee and fits me perfectly.”

“My husband says it’s his favorite new tee!”

Part of the magic of the merino tencel combination is the incredible softness of tencel. A natural fiber, tencel has the same moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, temperature-regulating properties of merino wool, plus an added softness and incredible draping so clothing hangs just right on your body.

Available for men, women, and kids, this is a must for your favorite person on your gift list (and you just might want to get one for yourself too!)

Gift Merino Tencel



If you want to give a gift that is sure to get lots of “awwws” when they are unwrapped, a pair of Kina Booties are a must!

Butter soft New Zealand lambskin, these adorable Nui Organics Kina lambskin booties are breathable and temperature regulating. Ethically sourced and made, they make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Gift Kina Booties


It's a Wrap!

And there you go! It’s not always easy to be a conscious shopper that wants to fully celebrate the holiday season while doing good for the planet AND your family and friends’ families.

Celebrating the holidays sustainably does take intention and conscious action. But with a little work on your part, we guarantee you, your gift list, and the planet will be happier that you took the time to care.

So this holiday season we want to also celebrate YOU for caring about your family’s health and the world around you.

Have a green holiday season from all of us at Nui. xo

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