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Tencel and merino - The perfect combination

How Two Natural & Sustainably Sourced Fibers will Transform Your Wardrobe

There is a new fiber in town, and this one is quickly becoming the darling of many eco-conscious brands, including Nui.

Meet Tencel® Lyocell,  a natural, sustainable, high-performance fiber derived from sustainably sourced wood. Some of the many outstanding features of this naturally-derived fiber are that it drapes like a dream and feels cool next to your skin. Combined with our favorite fiber, merino wool, it feels ultra-light, silky, and luxurious against your skin, and transforms into a high-performance natural fiber fabric that can’t be beat.

You may already know we love merino wool. This magical fiber has been the foundation of the Nui brand since the beginning. Super soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and resilient - merino brings style, comfort and performance together in perfect harmony.

Combined with all of the qualities of Tencel®, these two fibers bring the best of both worlds  together to enable us to offer a new category of performance lifestyle wear that is also super luxurious and versatile. 

Why we love Tencel® & think you will too

Tencel® is a cellulose fiber made from sustainably farmed Eucalyptus or Beech trees grown in FSC forests. These forests have a certification that guarantees responsible felling and replanting of the trees. This wood is then processed in a closed-loop process, meaning that 99% of all chemicals and water are recycled instead of being released out into the environment. 

It’s the perfect process that flows with the sequence of mother nature. And being that Tencel® is a plant-derived fiber, it is biodegradable, and compostable. So what happens when you combine Tencel® and merino?

Both fibers are known for their ability to keep you warm and also wick moisture away from your body. But Tencel® is capable of wicking sweat three times faster than merino alone, so when combined, their performance capability dramatically increases. The combination of merino and Tencel® keep wearers cool, dry and comfortable in the summer, and warm and dry in the winter.

Softer, more durable, with the capability to dry faster than merino alone, this blend is ideal for working out and also for travel. 

The combination of Merino and Tencel® is for people that demand more from their clothing. Wear it in, out, or even when you’re working out, and still feel comfortable, luxurious and stylish.

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