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Black Friday Shopping Tips: How to buy clothing as a gift

Shopping sustainable fashion for gifts

Black Friday - what we have come to know as the “official” start of the holiday season - is just around the corner. And even if you are a diehard eco conscious minimalist, you most likely still want to give gifts to your friends and family to celebrate the holidays. 

The good news is, you don’t have to give up your sustainable values and cave into the random buying that many people do when they go gift shopping. And you don’t have to deny yourself the fun of shopping by hand making everything just to be sustainable.

There is a happy medium, and that is to shop for something that checks the eco conscious and sustainable boxes, while also being purposeful, fun to give, and fun to get. And that is buying clothing as gifts. Sustainable clothing that is.

How to choose the right clothing for gift giving

Remind yourself of your values before you shop

This may seem assumed, but if you’re like most people, it’s hard to not get sucked into those repeated ads that follow you around the internet, the thrill of a good sale, and feeling left out when you’re the only one NOT shopping.

To combat those urges, at the start of the season, remind yourself of your eco conscious and also budgetary values. Give yourself a limit to how much you will spend on gifts, and set boundaries for the types of gifts you will buy - recyclable, biodegradable, practical, etc).

Shop sustainable brands only

Make a list of the sustainable brands you are going to shop. Make sure they not only align with your sustainable values but that they have a good reputation for fit and quality

To choose the brands that align with your sustainable standards, consider what materials the brand uses, where they source them, how they package and ship their items,and how “true” they are to their stated values.

Steer clear of trendy items and shop for natural essentials

Rather than trying to guess a person’s style, focus on basics and essentials in solid colors. Things like a Merino Tencel Tee Shirt or a pack of Merino Wool Socks are essentials that stand the test of time. 

Focus on quality

When you give clothing as a gift, it’s important to buy things that are high quality and  made to last. Nobody wants to give someone a gift that falls apart after a few wears, leaving them with a bad experience. 

And while it’s hard to tell quality when you are shopping online, researching sustainable companies known for their high quality materials and construction ahead of time, will make the process much easier.

For example, Nui Organics makes their children’s clothing from the highest quality merino wool. And since we design with growth in mind, the clothing lasts not only from a quality perspective, but also can last years even while the child is growing.

Size accordingly

When buying basics, sizing correctly is a more simplified process. Use size charts and if you don’t know and can’t guess a person’s size, ask customer service for assistance. Each brand fits differently, and chances are, customer service has a good sense of what size a person needs.

When clothing isn't the answer

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, clothing may not be the answer to give as a gift. This is when gift cards make a wonderful gift that is always appreciated by the recipient.

Last year alone, the number of digital gift cards U.S. retailers sold in November 2020 increased 25.0% year over year and increased 106.1% year over year in December 2020. And the reason is clear - it’s easier to give a gift card than choosing a gift!

But the real gift of giving a gift card from a sustainable brand you personally love, is that you are able to share something you get value from with someone you care about.

Call it “paying it forward”, but a gift card from a sustainable brand you love gives in two ways -

  1. You allow the recipient to enjoy shopping at a brand you buy from.
  2. You share the gift of sustainable clothing that helps the planet.

A fun and meaningful gift

It might seem overwhelming to buy clothing as a gift at first, but once you roll up those sustainable sleeves and shop with intention and purpose, it’s a chance to have fun, be creative, and find a useful and meaningful gift for someone you love.

And the gift of helping people help the planet with something they will wear and thank you every time they wear it is priceless. 

Just to note: for all Nui Rewards members, in case your recipients LOVE your gift and want to get more Nui, you can send them a referral link that will get you AND them a $20 gift card when they spend over $100. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

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