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Wool Socks

As parents, one of your biggest concerns in the wintertime is to ensure your child has the proper clothing to keep them warm so they can stay healthy. And while you know to bundle them up in scarves, jackets and sweaters, one of the best ways to keep kids warm is with wool socks.

Heat escapes our body from our heads, hands and feet. In cold, wet weather, cotton socks just don't cut it. When cotton gets wet, it loses all insulating properties, not to mention, as a fiber, it is not designed to be used for warmth.

The solution is turning to merino wool socks. Super-soft merino wool offers several unique advantages over cotton. Some of the magical properties of using wool socks are:

  • Unlike cotton, wool is a great insulator. When it's cold out, your child’s feet will be toasty and warm in your wool socks.
  • Wool is moisture wicking. It can absorb a high amount of moisture while keeping feet feeling warm and dry.
  •  Wool can be aired out between wearings, resulting in less laundry for you! And when you do wash it, wool socks don’t shed microplastics into the ocean. Nor do they smell like cotton and synthetic socks.
  • Wool fibers naturally have antibacterial properties and are odor resistant.
  • Despite the common belief that wool is itchy, premium quality merino wool like the kind Nui Organics uses, is not! High quality merino wool fibers are so fine, they feel super soft and itch free.


One last reason your kids need merino wool socks this winter? Playing outside! Here’s to another reason to let your kids run in the snow and play outside as children should. Who’s ready for some snow and fresh air?


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