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Why Organic?

Why Organic?

At Nui we have always been committed to using as much certified organic fibers as possible. It has not always been the easiest option, but we have always known it's the right one. Better for our bodies and our environment, every increase in organic food and fiber consumption over conventional consumption is one step close to improving the long term health of our planet.

Organic farming methods means plants and animals are grown naturally without synthetic or harmful chemicals. Organic production is based on positive holistic managment systems, which reduce or eliminate the need for most agricultural chemicals and promote healthy soils, air, waterways and responsible animal husbandry practices.

By comparison, conventional farming methods use a ridiculous amount of toxic chemicals to produce crops faster and cheaper. But those chemicals stay on the land, run off into waterways, strip goodness and diversity from soils. Those chemicals poison farm and factory workers and their families, poison native and endangered species, are carried by food and clothing into your system and that of your child. The price you pay for that faster, cheaper non-organic apple or shirt is not the true cost of it to your health or your planet.

Our organic fibers are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards). GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

By buying organic, you are making an investment in your health today and your planets health of tomorrow. You know, that place where your children's children's children will live...


Organic wool is free of pesticides, formaldehyde, polyester, foams, dioxins and other additives used in conventional manufacturing practices. The sheep are grazed on pesticide free land and are never sprayed or dipped as is commonly practiced in conventional wool prduction systems. Organic sheep are bred for resistance to parasites and are fed on organically certified pasture to build healthy immune systems. Mulesing (the removal of wool and skin near the sheeps rear end to prevent fly-strike) is not practiced. Land is not overstocked, causing less stress to pasture and sheep. Organic sheep are happy sheep.

Wool is a natural fiber and a renewable resource that is non-allergenic. Organic wool can be used extensively by those who normally suffer from chemical sensitivity when in contact with conventionally grown wool. Some 8000 chemicals are known to be used in the modern textile industry. Sometimes those who 'react' to wool are actually displaying a reaction to the harsh scouring agents, dyes and chemicals used in conventional wool production and not the wool itself. Merino wool is naturally self-extinguishing, meaning no chemical flame retardants are added.

Organic sheep farms are committed to long-term sustainable farming practices.

A word about CHLORINE

Most wool, in order to make it machine washable, is still treated with CHLORINE. Chlorine might seem cheap and easy upfront, but it is most definitely BAD and more costly in the long run.

Nui GOTS certified organic merino wool is NOT processed using chlorine. Instead we use a GOTS approved PLASMA treatment, safe for the wearer AND the environment. This is important. Please make informed fiber choices and choose the environment.

To elaborate; wool has an abundance of characteristics that we LOVE. But it also has small barb-like scales all over it. Without treatment, when the wool is washed and dried, these scales all tangle together and cause shrinking and felting. Unfortunately the most common way to render wool machine washable is to treat it with chlorine.

This process however, results in wastewater with unacceptably high levels of adsorbable organohalogens (AOX) – toxins created when chlorine reacts with available carbon-based compounds. Dioxins, a group of AOX, are one of the most toxic known substances. This wastewater is so toxic in fact, that the process is not even permitted in the USA. It happens in ‘other countries’ and the processed wool then imported into the US. This is just one of the reasons we choose chlorine-free GOTS organic wool. We care about children, families and the environment EVERYWHERE. 


Conventionally grown cotton consumes approximately 25% of the insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides used in the world. Conventional farming methods use roughly a third of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers to produce enough cotton for a single t-shirt! Yuk. Organic cotton on the other hand is good and clean and soft and healthy. Our organic cotton comes from India, where its production causes no harm to the local environment or the people whose livelihoods depend on it.

A few of our favourite things about nui organic cotton...

  • It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. It is soft and comfortable to wear next to the skin.
  • Cotton is strong and durable, with a high tensile strength. As an ideal fabric to launder, cotton is 30% stronger when wet and will withstand repeated washings.
  • Like many natural fibers, cotton breathes and is a good conductor of heat. It can draw heat away from your skin to keep your cool.
  • Cotton blends well with other fibers, as evidenced by our hemp/cotton blend, which gives all the benefits of cotton with that extra strength and beautiful texture of the hemp.
  • Due to its unique fiber structure, cotton helps remove body moisture by absorbing it and wicking it away form the skin.