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The REWEAR Collective

The REWEAR Collective

The health of our planet is important to us here at Nui. We work hard to bring you high quality products made from safe natural materials produced in sustainable ways. As such, there is plenty of life left in a Nui garment long after your child has outgrown it. Sometimes that means passing down to a friend or family member and sometimes that means selling it.  

To help you say NO to disposable fashion AND get a return on your investment, we are proud to be a member of the Kidizen REWEAR Collective - a gathering of brands creating quality product and dedicated to seeing CHANGE in the current disposable kids apparel industry by promoting the recirculation of their goods. Nui apparel has an average resale value of $10-$40 and Kidizen makes it easy for parents to get their pre-loved Nui listed and sold.

Earn Rewards

In addition to getting paid for the pre-loved garment, every qualifying Nui sale earns you Nui KORU points you can then apply to new purchases at

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