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Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

nui organic cotton


Everyone knows cotton. Feels super great on your skin, easy to wash, easy to wear. Jeans, tee shirts, hoodies, all your old favorites through all the years were most likely made of cotton. But not every one knows ORGANIC COTTON and just why you should choose organic cotton over non-organic.

All Nui organic cotton clothing has been certified by (GOTS) Global Organic Textiles Standard. For this to happen every process of production goes through stringent control to ensure these organic standards are met. Organic Cotton is grown without using harmful pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, chemicals or fertilizers – horribly toxic elements that harm farmers, workers, wearers and entire eco-systems. These chemicals KILL PEOPLE. The World Health Organization says pesticide poisoning kills up to 20,000 people a year in developing countries. And in the US thousands of farmers die each year from chemical related cancers. Wildlife dies, habitats are destroyed.

Conventional cotton production uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world. It is estimated that each year cotton producers use as much as 25 percent of the world’s insecticides and more than 10 percent of the world’s pesticides. That’s a HUGE amount of poison being pumped into the environment every single year.

Closer to home (ie. YOUR BODY), chemical residue trapped in threads can cause skin irritations, rashes or allergic reactions. Pesticides in your breast milk are passed on to your baby. Babies and young children tend to have thinner skin than adults and can absorb harmful substances from the environment much more easily. Washing chemical laden clothes is just washing the problem out into the waterways and marine life.

Organic cotton however, promotes growing systems that replenish and maintain soil fertility and build biologically diverse agriculture and use A LOT less water. Farmers and apparel factory workers are not exposed to life threatening chemicals and these chemicals are not finding their way into food chains and eco-systems.

Organic cotton feels great, is strong and long lasting, CLEAN and GOOD for your family and for your planet. So that’s why we use it.