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Take the many spectacular benefits of superfine merino and add to that the magical properties of silk and you have a next to skin layer that’s hard to beat.

For centuries, silk has been the go-to luxury fabric for next to skin. In addition to being silky soft and smooth, it is also antimicrobial and an effective insulator. Silk is an animal ­protein ­extracted from the cocoon of the silkworm and exhibits many of the same characteristics as wool – moisture wicking, temperature regulating and breathable. The anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for sensitive skin issues like rashes on baby skin and eczema. The silk also adds extra strength, plus a beautiful sheen and lustre.

Silk is grown without pesticides and is produced using the same low-impact, ancient methods developed over 5000 years ago.

Nui Merino Silk is a blend of 70% GOTS organic merino wool and 30% Mulberry Silk. The yarn we use is GOTS, Bluesign and Okeo-Tex certified. Instead of water and chemicals used in the traditional Superwash process, this yarn has been treated with a Plasma treatment that uses air and renewable electricity to modify the individual wool fibres, making our garments machine washable.

Our merino silk garments are a dream to wear, day or night.