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Why merino socks are better than cotton. All. Year. Long.

If you haven’t experienced the magic of merino wool socks, you’re in for a big treat. 

In the wintertime, whether you are dressing your kids or yourself, you want to ensure you have the proper clothing to stay warm and dry. And while you know to bundle up in scarves, jackets and sweaters, one of the best and most surprising ways to keep yourself warm is with wool socks.

Heat escapes our body from our heads, hands and feet. In cold, wet weather, cotton socks just don't cut it. When cotton gets wet, it loses all insulating properties. It is not designed to be used for warmth, and does not hold up to cold weather.

In summer, wool is able to move moisture and release heat to maintain a more comfortable temperature. When you wear wool socks in summer, your feet stay cooler and dryer.

Super-soft merino wool offers several unique advantages over cotton. Some of the magical properties of using wool socks are:

  • Unlike cotton, merino wool is a great insulator. When it's cold out, your feet will be toasty and warm in your wool socks.

  • Merino wool is thermo-regulating. This means it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • It is moisture-wicking, meaning that even when wet, it wicks moisture away from your body (and feet!)

  • It stays warm even when wet, which is something cotton cannot do. This prevents the chill of wet fabric that is typical of other fibers.

  • It dries quickly, so even when it does get wet or when washed, you will have little down time.

  • It’s naturally antimicrobial, which makes it naturally odor-resistant.

  • When made from super-fine merino wool - the type we use at Nui - it’s super soft and not scratchy.

  • Wool can be aired out between wearings, resulting in less laundry for you! And when you do wash it, wool socks don’t shed microplastics into the ocean and air dry quickly.

Discover why hiking and skiing communities have long been fans of wool socks. After being put to the ultimate test of the elements outdoors, wool holds up.

Whether you are a man, woman, or child, merino wool socks make the perfect gift for yourself, friends and family.
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