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Interview: Felicia Wong @everydayadventurefam

It's no secret we've got work to do and we're proud to be part of a community that is always playing their part in it. We’re honored to be surrounded by so many incredible women in our Nui world family who are making a positive impact in the world. 

Whether it’s caring for their families, helping others become healthier with their work, adventuring out in nature, or simply taking time to share their perspectives on Instagram, we are in awe of our community and thought you may enjoy taking a look behind the scenes with these strong and purposeful women.

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Interview: Brooke Thompson @wildfolk_mama

Brooke was the lucky winner of our recent #WOOLWEEK $500 Nui Giveaway.

To enter we asked people to tell us why they were WILD ABOUT WOOL.

There was SO MUCH goodness in those responses.  Lovers of merino magic who understand and embrace its added value and many sustainable benefits.

Our winner Brooke was one of those and agreed to share her thoughts with us..

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