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Joy Dressing: Lighten Up Your Life & Style

Can the color of your clothing make you happier?

Research says yes! Color can absolutely affect your mood, behavior and stress levels. 

So after a few years of lockdowns and anxiety-filled news due to the pandemic, color just may be what the doctor ordered.

Enter “joy dressing”, a term given to clothing that evokes a feeling of lightness, happy feelings, and pure, unfiltered joy. This color-inspired trend spread across the world in 2021, and has seen no signs of slowing down. Even the Pantone Color Institute’s selection of a bright, sunny yellow as the “Color of the Year for 2021” was a nod to the need for optimism and positivity.

But how does this fashion trend work for sustainable brands - those that champion NOT following trends, adopting a minimalist lifestyle, and curating a capsule wardrobe made up of essentials?

Why bright colors and natural clothing go hand in hand

Most people don’t associate natural, sustainable clothing with bright colors. Instead, it’s the  neutral tones that come to mind when you think of natural fiber clothing.

But what about clear blue skies, stunning orange sunsets, and a vibrant mix of colorful flowers?

Enter nature-inspired joy dressing for summer 2022! Bright colors combined with familiar subtle hues are a perfect mix to inspire joyful adventure, new experiences, and a sense of playfulness, things that are representative of many outdoor, nature-inspired enthusiasts.

Combining these bright colors with a natural fiber such as merino wool - known for its breathable, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and temperature-regulating properties - and you get a perfect wardrobe that makes you ready for any occasion. You’re ready to go on a hike, out to dinner with your family, or just lounge around your home and not be restricted by a suffocating synthetic piece of clothing, in addition to elevating your mood with color.

Live light

Ahhh...that just sounds like freedom. At Nui, living light has always represented living with less - less stuff, less excess, less worry, and less waste. It’s letting go of the heavy load so many people carry with them wherever they go.

And this year, living light is also about seeing light. Bright, vibrant colors, as seen in our Merino Tencel collection - the colors of the crystal blue skies, stunning sunsets, and a ruby red rose. It’s a 360 experience you feel, see, and take with you on all of your everyday adventures.

What we love about this colorful trend, is the concept of bringing joy into our everyday lives. And for us, that means spending more time in nature, with friends and family, and feeling good about what you wear.

And it’s a perfect introduction to our Nui Merino + Tencel Collection - featuring all of the benefits of merino wool, the added benefits of Tencel, and topped off with vibrant colors that spark joy in your day.

If you aren’t already familiar with Tencel, it is a naturally-derived wood fiber that is ultra-soft and silky on the skin and super versatile. Blended with all of the wonderful qualities of Merino Wool - luxuriously soft, breathable, temperature-regulating odor-resistant, antimicrobial, and resilient, and you have the perfect natural and versatile collection.

Natural clothing in vibrant colors that you can wear anywhere and that doesn’t pollute the environment - that brings us joy. 


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