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Augustin Sweater Kelp

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The Augustin Sweater is made from deliciously soft merino wool whose thermal properties are further enhanced by the many air pockets created by the honeycomb knit structure. It is mid weight, durable and warm but also very soft to the touch.

Dress it up or wear it with a pair of jeans. Front button detail allows for an easy way to slip it over small heads.


  • Corozo nut buttons
  • Temperature regulating
  • Anti odor and breathable
  • Okeo-Tex100 free from harmful chemicals

Composition: 100% merino wool, chlorine and mulesing free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amazing sweater!

This sweater is super cute and comfortable! The wool is very soft. We roll up the sleeves to keep them out of the way -- it will definitely fit for a second season.

Love the color and runs big! Great for two winters!

My son loves this sweater and the big buttons. It’s a perfect layering sweater for playing in the snow. The wool is soft and very stretchy. The color is perfect!

Rachel C.
SO cute, so warm, so soft!

In early 2019 I bought two of these sweaters for my daughter, when she outgrew them they both went to her younger brother. One day a few months back a helpful helper put one of them in the dryer and it shrunk down from a size 6 to a 3 :( the other is still in use today and still favourite... I wish I had more of them! If you want to machine wash I highly recommend washing in a small load with a medium load setting for water. Wool does not like agitation and rubbing up against other items.

Best sweater

We have this sweater in two different colors, kelp and deep sea. I bought the kelp for my older son and now my younger one wears it oversized with sleeves folded. We also bought the deep sea oversized (size 8 for a 5.5 year old) but accidentally shrunk it so it fits like a normal sweater instead of oversized--looks good both ways. Neither sweater ever pilled or looked worn despite having gone through two kids. But i recommend only hand washing and hang drying.

Emily P.
Felted after wash :(

This is a beautiful sweater! I love the kelp color. After my son spilled queso on the front of it, we had to wash it. I washed it with all our other nui wool (knit leggings, Hopu tops, Bernard cardigan, baby thermal set, merino silk leggings, merino tencel leggings, nature socks and lounge socks) in the same wash - cold water, wool detergent. When I went to hang them up to dry, the Augustin sweater was felted! I tried to stretch it while still damp but it no longer fits my 2 year old. We are so bummed - it’s a beautiful sweater. I’m disappointed because the care instructions are the same as all the other wool items and none of those have ever had issues when washing. We got so little wear out of it - two uses? Bummed.

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