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An essential year-round wardrobe basic, the rib knit Hopu Top is made from super soft 100% merino wool.  It offers plenty of stretch, always springing back into shape thanks to the rib knit and wool's natural elasticity. The sleeves are already designed to be a bit longer, but you can size up for growth and roll up.

This is a wonderfully soft knit sweater that your child can potentially get years of wear out of. Wear alone or under another layer.


  • Rib knit for stretch & growth
  • Temperature regulating
  • Anti odor and breathable
  • Okeo-Tex100 free from harmful chemicals

Composition: 100% merino wool, chlorine and mulesing free

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Customer Reviews

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Super versatile and soft sweater

We have had this sweater in various colors and sizes. It is always our go-to. It is so beautiful, soft and cozy. It is versatile because it can span multiple seasons due to the ribbing,that allows it to lay close to the body or to expand, it easy to layer over or under this piece. The sweater allows for your child's growth so that you can wear for more than the normal blunk of an eye as the ribbing allows it to be narrow when your child is smaller but then comfortably expands as they grow. The sleeves are also very easy turn back initially and as they grow the sleeve is never too short...your child always looks like they are wearing something that fits properly and is comfortable...not too baggy or too tight. It's really just the most well-designed top! Further, I love the gorgeous color offerings. I am always so happy that we invested in these beautiful pieces.

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