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Merino Adult Lounge Socks Silver

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Our merino wool Lounge socks are are soft and squishy sock perfection. They are made from a comfortable merino wool terry that traps air and further adds to the natural insulating properties of wool.  Merino wool is an excellent insulator, keeping feet warm and cozy, while still remaining breathable.  Merino wool socks stay warm when wet and dry much faster than synthetics. They are also naturally anti-bacterial and therefore odor resistant ... which means they don't have to be washed every time they are worn.


  • Anti odor
  • Breathable
  • Temperature regulating
  • Stay-on rib knit structure
  • Okeo-Tex 100 compliant

Composition: 85% merino wool, 10% elastic, 5% polyamide.

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