Kidizen Partnership

The health of our planet is important to us here at Nui. We work hard to bring you environmentally responsible apparel that mirrors the respect we have for the natural world. We use sustainable, biodegradable and renewable resources, manufacture in responsible ways and design where possible for our products to grow with your child.
We also put a high priority on producing a quality product that once your child has outgrown, can be shared with others. Sometimes that’s passing down to a friend or family member and sometime’s that’s selling it.   
So to help you say NO to disposable fashion, we have partnered with Kidizen.
Now you can earn points for selling your pre-loved Nui on Kidizen then turn those points into Nui Gift Cards you can come back and redeem here on the Nui website for new styles.
The environmental costs of fast fashion are huge.
Time to reduce, reuse and recycle with Nui + Kidizen.


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