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Nui Natural Lambskin Shortwool


Beautifully soft natural Shortwool Lambskin to calm and soothe. Wool's natural ability to regulate body temperature means lambskin rugs, just like wool clothing, helps keep your baby cool when its hot and warm when its cold.
The shortwool lambskin molds to your babies body, providing comfort and security. Travel with your sheepskin rug for instant familiarity and comfort. Relax with your friends/family while baby lays happily on her rug!
Lambskins are also able to absorb moisture, releasing it into the atmosphere. So laying a hot baby on a lambskin rug (vs a cotton or synthetic surface) keeps them cool and dry on a hot day.

Research also indicates that by using lambskin, a baby is more than 70% less likely to develop early-onset asthma.

Our rugs are Eco tanned without Chrome VI and harmful heavy metals.