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What you need to know.

 By 2050, there will be more weight in plastics than fish in the ocean.

If that isn’t startling, let’s talk about climate impact. Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, and one of the largest consumers of water. The apparel and footwear industries account for more than 8 percent of global climate impact, greater than all international airline flights and maritime shipping trips combined.

As consumers, we do have a choice. A choice to be informed and to demonstrate our values and vision for an unpolluted and healthy planet for our children, through our individual choices - starting with our choices in clothing.

For us here at Nui, we are passionate about the environment. Climate change, deforestation, pollution, ozone depletion, a floating continent of plastic in the pacific ocean are realities of current and future generations. A tiny piece of microplastic in the ocean can be one million times more toxic than the ocean water around it, as it absorbs toxic chemicals like PCBs and DDTs—chemicals linked to endocrine disruption and even cancer.

Nui Organics is a company based on a foundation of sustainable values. By choosing natural, organic, renewable, and biodegradable fibers like merino wool - it truly closes the loop. Premium quality natural clothing to us means clothing that respects the environment, won’t bleed microplastics into the ocean, and is the safest and most comfortable clothing for your family.

We could talk all day about our love, organic merino wool, and it’s many benefits, but we also think knowledge is power, so talking about climate change, and other impacts of your fashion choices, helps you make smarter choices not just for your kids clothing, but in your daily life.



Let’s talk about fast fashion - what some view as “new trends”, we agree. Trends leading fast fashion include pollution and global climate trending.

The opposite of fast fashion is SLOW fashion. In other words, clothing that is classically stylish, never goes out of style. Slow fashion is about quality not quantity. It’s made from organic and natural fibers that maintain their shape and last, biodegradable and renewable. In other words, sustainable and eco-friendly clothing from brands like Nui Organics that look at design from a holistic perspective - taking the entire production process, the fiber choices and the end user in mind.



To be fair, there is yet to be a full solution that offers no negative impact of clothing production. But we can lessen the negative effects. In our opinion, sustainability looks at the brand as a whole. This means:

  1. The actual clothing is made from environmentally friendly materials and organic fibers. Safe for the planet, animals, growers, and manufacturers.

  2. The company is aware of their environmental impact i.e. water usage, chemical usage, waste byproducts, natural fibers.

  3. Instead of jumping on the latest trends and overproducing their products, these companies are thoughtful about what and how much they’re producing, designing for longevity not trends.



Clothing is not an option (if you don’t want to get arrested or live on a remote island). But rather than buying things “off the rack”, buying clothes made of synthetics, or not being aware of what and why you are buying something, there ARE a few easy and conscious things you can do to stand in your power as a consumer.

  1. Wear natural fabrics. All materials shed fibers, which escape filtration through wastewater and can end up in the ocean. Unlike wool and cotton, plastic microfibers from synthetic materials like nylon and spandex don't biodegrade.

  2. Choose organic fibers whenever possible. Organic fibers are not only better for our bodies and the environment, but free of toxic pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs that are proven to harm the environment, farmers, producers and you, the end consumer. At Nui, our fibers are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards), the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

  3. View clothing pieces as investments. Choose well and buy less, knowing you are buying higher quality and doing good by the planet. At Nui we design here possible for growth, so your fast growing child can get as much wear from a garment as possible.


  1. Recycle and repurpose. At Nui we have partnered with Kidizen’s Nui Rewear program that allows you to resell your garments after your child has outgrown them, make money, and receive Nui Rewards towards your next purchase.


At Nui Organics, we don’t exist just to tout the many (oh so many) benefits of organic merino wool. We want to lead a movement towards a world where sustainable fashion is the status quo. A world where pollution and microplastics in the ocean don’t exist, and a world where our current and future generations can thrive in clean air and vast blue oceans.

Thank you for being a part of our #nuiworld - being a part of the change for a healthier, and safer planet for our current and future generations.





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