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And Other Sustainable Resolutions to Make the in New Year

“'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in seeing through new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

With 2021 just weeks away, it’s not too early to start thinking about resolutions you want to make to ensure you start the year off with purpose and forward moving momentum.

And after a year like 2020 - a time when life as we knew it completely changed - there has never been a better time than now, to create resolutions and personal commitments to transform your life in areas that are important to you.

While conventional, tried and true resolutions like losing those last 5 lbs, may still exist, we want to bring focus to QUALITY OF LIFE resolutions that can dramatically improve your daily life while also having simple and profound positive effects on your friends, family, and planet as a whole.


“Time may change me, but I can't trace time.”
David Bowie

It’s a strange concept to think that what was old, could be suddenly new again - especially in a day and age of technology, and the compounded acceleration and cultural shifts it is causing to society,

But at Nui, we believe going backwards, is actually the solution to moving forwards.

Here’s why.

The world is in a state of DIS-EASE. That would not be specifically pointing to the mass chaos of the global pandemic and virus, but more generally addressing the actual unease of our world today.

According to The Millennial Project*:
  • Air pollution kills an estimated seven million people worldwide every year.
  • Glaciers are melting, disease patterns are changing, and coral reefs are dying at an accelerating rate. 
  • The Gulf Stream system has weakened to its lowest level in 1,100 years, possibly due to an influx of freshwater from Greenland’s melting ice sheet.
  • A third to a half of the world’s topsoils have been destroyed and could run out in 60 years. 
  • Some 30% of fish stocks have already collapsed, and 21% of mammal species and 70% of plants are under threat. 

And the human state of dis-ease is also statistically dismal. Just looking at the health issues that exist today, one can understand the severity and urgency of this problem.

But it’s not the bad news we want to focus on, it’s the intentional and positive changes we can create in our lives and for the planet, starting today.

And it starts with deciding to undo the damage that has been done. We can’t move forward as individuals or a society, unless we address current circumstances, and make radical changes to fix them.

But how do you undo climate change? Solve a health crisis by going backwards?

Undoing is about knowing what caused the problem in the first place, and then taking steps to address it. When looking at the environment, and the causes of climate change and pollution, we can point to conventional, chemical-filled farming practices, the rise of synthetic fabrics and mass overconsumption caused by the industrial age, and our own society’s unintentional consequences of the lifestyles and behaviors exploited by the media.

Going backwards is about seeking tried and true solutions - like natural fiber clothing, sustainable living practices, and slowing down our lives in general.

Slow. Backwards. Sustainable.



New Year’s resolutions are often self defeating and hard to stick to. The concept of sustainability, however, is about doing things now that strengthen and support your current values, making progressive and future positive change natural and forward moving.

Take for example, building a sustainable, natural fiber capsule wardrobe. Whether it’s trading out a synthetic sweater for a Merino Wool Sweater, or replacing your entire wardrobe, every purchase builds upon the next, so over the course of time, you will have reached your long term goal to improve your life, AND the life of the planet.

So if you’re ready, here are few sustainable New Year’s resolutions to give you a running start:

  • Wait - a clothing company is telling me to stop shopping?

  • Yes, you read that right. “Shopping” in today’s world has gotten out of hand. WIth everything we could materially want at our fingertips, “shopping” has become a bad habit that many do daily. 

    We don’t need more “stuff”. What we need is to focus on our values, what we value, and bring more of that into our lives. More experiences with our friends and family. More quality time for self care. More time in nature.

    All which the act of shopping steals from you. Buy things that help you spend MORE time doing those things - which is one of the reasons Nui Organics exists. Because a sustainable organic and merino wool wardrobe requires:

    LESS SHOPPING - you only need a few essentials to create a capsule wardrobe. A few Merino Wool items is all you need to create multiple outfits you can wear daily.

    • LESS LAUNDRY - Breathable and natural fibers air out between wearings so your not-so-favorite task can be a not-so-often occurrence.
    • LESS TIME GETTING DRESSED - Classically designed, nature-inspired colors, an intelligently designed and quality wardrobe, is naturally stylish and timeless.

    • This seems easy enough, but with technology at our fingertips and some schools going digital, it’s easy to forget the beauty and peacefulness that await you just outside your door.

      This resolution is one that is a personal commitment. To schedule in daily - alone and with your family. As important as eating and drinking enough water, spending time in nature is proven to:
      • Increase your sense of well-being.
      • Remind you of your sustainable values.
      • Give you more energy.
      • Reduce stress.
      • Increase resilience in children.
      • Strengthen creativity.
      We’re sure we don’t need to convince you why you need to spend more time in nature. But reminding you of the benefits may help you commit to doing so daily. 
    • We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “Less is more”. But what does that really mean?

      Resolving to “do less” actually is a way to get more - more peace of mind. More focus on things that matter to you. More attention for yourself and your loved ones.

      We are in a world of “doing”, when we should be focused more on “being”. Being present is why #2 - being in nature is so important. Just like the trees, the animals, the clouds in the sky, when we’re so busy trying to do everything, we can’t appreciate the world we live in. 

      And when we don’t appreciate the world we live in, we tend to follow conventional, standardized ways - shopping, looking at our phones, not being present.

      Less IS more.

    • Slow and sustainable living is not always easy in today’s world. Having a community around you that “gets” your way of life and thinking, is important to maintaining your commitment for alignment with your sustainable values.

      At Nui Organics, we know how difficult this can be. When we were founded in 2004, organic and sustainable clothing for children was nowhere to be found. The people that sought it out were unconventional, independent thinkers, naturalists. 

      Today, while the retail landscape has changed and options for sustainable and natural clothes has increased, having a community to support you and that aligns with your values has never been more important. More than ever, the amount of money companies spend on marketing has greatly increased, threatening to steal your time and attention away from your own personal vision for your life.

      As one of the oldest and established sustainable and organic clothing brands on the market, we invest in our community because of this reason. Our extended family is just that - our extended family. We know how important it is to share our daily lives with people that help us live true to our personal goals and lives.

      This is why we created several ways you can join and benefit from our community of other conscious and intentional women who want to live their best lives for themselves and their family.


      Our resolutions - our main mission - is simple and profound - to live in a world where sustainable solutions with respect for people and the planet are a seamless part of everyday life. It starts with a commitment - a resolution - that each and every one of us can make.

      With conscious and ethical options to choose from that fit your lifestyle, together, we can all do good, make a difference, and protect the planet. We’ve got work to do.

      What New Year’s resolutions will you be making this year? Whatever they are, let’s do it together - for our future, for our family’s future, and for the future of the planet.



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