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Why Choose Merino for Changing Seasons?

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I know we have said it before, but that’s because it’s SO TRUE! Merino wool really is perfect for the changing weather. A versatile, durable performance fiber for all seasons.

Merino may be used for a variety of functions, activities, and clothing styles. Merino is a superior material for clothes in winter or summer, and everything in between.

Merino wool is used for sports apparel, casual wear and sleepwear.

The organic merino wool clothing here at Nui Organics is ideal for children all year round. Making sure we use organic merino is important for children’s clothes because it is made without the use of harmful chemicals. It is strong and durable and can stand up to the beating that kids put on their clothes.

Why is merino wool so well suited for changing seasons and fluctuating climates?

The ability to regulate body temperature is one of the most useful qualities of merino wool for the changing seasons.

Merino will keep the wearer cool in hot temperatures and warm in the colder months.

As temperatures begin to drop, the merino thermal leggings and merino thermal crew top available at Nui Organics are perfect for an under layer to protect against the cold.

What else can merino wool do?

Merino is perfect for such a wide array of situations and scenarios. The changing of the seasons is just one example.

Some of the incredibly useful qualities of merino are:

  • Thermal regulation
  • Insulating ability
  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-odour properties
  • Repels water
  • Repels fire
  • Longevity
  • Comfort
  • Biodegradable


Layering up with merino wool provides protection from even the coldest winter days.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking refers to the ability of a material to draw perspiration and moisture away from the skin, so the wearer can stay dry even while working up a sweat.

Merino wool is a natural moisture wicker, because it can absorb a substantial amount of moisture while still providing dry insulation.


Now, you may think that because merino is constantly absorbing the perspiration from your body that it would begin to smell bad pretty quickly. Fortunately, this is not the case.

Synthetic fibers are a breeding ground for bacteria, which is what makes clothing stink.

Organic merino wool naturally repels bacteria which greatly reduces odour retention.

Repels Water

Merino does absorb and then release moisture next to the skin, but at the same time it repels water and moisture on the outer layer, preventing it from getting water-logged when it rains or snows.

Repels Fire

Merino wool is also a natural fire-retardant, meaning it does not have to be treated with chemicals to make it flame repellant.


Merino wool has elastic qualities which allow it to stretch easily and return to its original shape. Merino clothing will last and keep its shape for years, even after repeated washings and wear and tear.


Merino is very soft, smooth, and light. Unlike conventional wool, which tends to be heavy and itchy.


Is if all the other advantages weren’t enough, merino is also completely biodegradable. It’s healthy for the wearer, and healthy for the earth.

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