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You Need To Know: Children's Sleepwear

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We all want our children to sleep soundly. And like many parents, you likely have a bedtime ritual of snuggling up with your pajama-clad babies before bedtime, reading a good book or telling stories.
And while it may be tempting to see them snuggled in fuzzy fleece pajamas, you certainly don’t want the toxic chemicals that come along with it.
Choosing your child’s sleepwear is an important decision, considering the amount of time they spend in slumber. Unfortunately, most pajamas are doused with chemical flame retardants that pose a major health risk to our little ones.
Everything from their bedding to their clothing and sleepwear, when made with man-made materials risk the price of polluting the environment, and your health.


The majority of children’s pajamas are polyester, which is most often made from petroleum. By law, flame resistance is added to all children’s man-made materials to counteract the flammable nature. Unfortunately, these toxins are damaging to your child’s health and the environment.
 So how do you keep your child warm and snuggly while also protecting them from open flames, common in the winter months and removing them from exposure to toxins?
The easy solution is Organic Merino Wool.  At Nui Organics, we are passionate about wool not only because it is a natural fiber that is sustainable, biodegradable, renewable, super soft, easy to care for, but did we mention it’s naturally flame resistant?
Even if accidentally ignited, if subjected to a significantly powerful heat source, the high nitrogen and water content will not support the flame, and will smoulder out instead.


When choosing the perfect pajamas for your little one, we highly recommend our Merino Thermals sets. A natural regulator for your child’s body temperature, it actually helps your child sleep sounder. It’s also breathable, super soft, stays warm even when wet, and oh so comfortable!
The best part (as many kids will testify) is that while it’s a perfect pair of pajamas, it’s also great to wear during the day, alone or as a base layer under other clothes.  It's often reported back to us "They don't want to take them off!"
While getting your kids to bed may still take a little coaxing, once in bed, these Merino Thermal PJ’s are sure to help them (and you!) sleep more soundly.

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