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Water is LIFE

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World Water Day, held every March 22nd is an internationally recognized day devoted to identifying the importance of clean water, the issues surrounding the 2.1 billion people who do not have access to it, and the necessity for sustainable management of water resources. This year, the theme for World Water Day is ‘Nature for Water’; the concept of exploring how nature-based solutions can be used to overcome the water issues we face in the 21st century.

Water and You!

How can you and your family help support World Water Day you might ask… ?

Here are a few ways You and Yours can take ACTION this March 22nd and make a difference.

  1. Skip that steak and go Vegetarian for a day.

How much water do you think it takes to produce a steak dinner for two? 100 gallons? 500 gallons? This meal requires almost 4,000 gallons of water for just the meat alone. In the last 30 years, meat and dairy have become the biggest factor of water consumption.

So give a vegetarian diet a go – whether it be for a day, week or month, you would be cutting out a huge amount of water. Have the whole family try it for a week and you would be saving tens of thousands of gallons of water just like that.

  1. Rely on the rain

Building a rain barrel or installing a rainwater tank will reduce stormwater runoff and stormwater pollution. The average roof collects about 600 gallons for every inch of rain, which is a huge quantity of water that is being lost.

Making use of a rain barrel means you are not relying on freshwater resources for activities like washing your car or watering the garden. Switching your household to a rainwater tank means making use of thousands of gallons of water that would otherwise go to waste, instead putting them to use in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

  1. Turn the tap OFF!

We grew up on a farm and had to pump our water up from a spring so it was important to conserve it.It seems like the soundtrack to my domestic childhood was my mother yelling ‘Turn the tap off!’ So when YOU brush your teeth, wash your hands and polish the car TURN THE TAP OFF in between sprays…

  1. FIX that leak

Leaky taps inside and out and a leaky toilet are super easy fixes to saving water.

  1. CELEBRATE with others

Take part in an event or even create your own. Visit the World Water Day website to see where you can join others to celebrate the worlds water and spread awareness to others.

Join the international community and go to to see where your closest event is happening, or upload your own.

  1. Walk for water

The ‘Walk for Water’ campaign is based on the idea that for so many people around the world access to water is more than difficult and people must often walk huge distances to the nearest source. So walk for water by walking 10,000 steps for five days and see what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes.

You can sign up online at Water Mission to create an account or sponsor someone else at

  1. Spread the WORD on water

Talk to your kids, friends and family about water. Make sure your little’s understand what an important resource it is at a young age and set good water habits for LIFE.

Want some more ways you can save that precious water…?

Check this out…

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