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Introducing ...the perfect baby shower gift.

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Today's post is from Marthe, a new mother and former talented member of the Nui team....

I’ve been to many baby showers, and given away many different kinds of gifts.

I usually don’t like to follow the registry, but now after having my own baby shower I get the point with it. You want to receive something that is useful and not necessarily the 20 different outfits in size 0-3M. 

I’ve had most success with my gifts at the last 2 baby showers I’ve attended. My gift was not on any their registries. I don’t think they even thought about this item until they received it.

Now it’s their favorite baby item.

It’s the lambskin rug.

Here are some of the benefits of using lambskin for your baby:

Temperature regulating; warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

Use it through all 4 seasons, every weather and climate. 

Introduce it early, especially beneficial for newborns as they are learning how to regulate their own body temperature. Let them expend less energy keeping warm and use it to grow instead!

Lambskin is also breathable and keeps the moisture away from the skin.

Medical benefits; research shows that the texture of lambskin stimulates and caresses the baby’s skin, which is comforting and promotes longer sleep.

 It has a soothing swaddling effect that can reduce stress and result in better sleep.

Lambskin is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic, it resists bacteria and dirt, and does not hold odors.

If that isn’t enough, lambskin is soft and cozy and the perfect place to sleep, play, work on tummy-time, and do baby photoshoots.

It can also be used during pregnancy and dogs love it too.



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