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The secret to staying warm this winter.

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Just what do you need to stay warm this winter?

We think you should stock up on organic merino wool tops, bottoms, and socks, but (ahem), we’re a little biased.

After 15 years of keeping people cozy warm, in organic, sustainable, breathable fibers we’ve put together a few tips so you’re prepared for the chill of the season, no matter how low the temperature goes.

So what are the essentials you and your children need to stay warm this winter? We’re going to share with you our best picks. 


Cold wet feet. If you or your child’s feet are cold and wet from playing in the snow, or you’re walking on a cold floor when the rest of you is protected, you’ll be freezing all over.

The best way to keep them warm and dry is with Merino Wool Socks. 

Moisture-wicking (pulling moisture from your feet), Merino Wool Socks are breathable, super soft, insulating, antibacterial and don't hold odor - those little piggies will stay warm and dry.

Best yet, just air them out overnight, and they’re ready to go for another day in the snow.


All thermals are NOT created equal.

Thermals have long been touted as the go-to winter fabric. But a synthetic or cotton thermal vs an Organic Merino Wool one, is not comparing apples to apples.

At the core of our Merino Wool Thermals strengths are the inherent, natural qualities of wool:
  1. Wicks moisture away from the body, literally pulling moisture and sweat away from your skin and letting it evaporate into thin air.
  2. Breathable and insulated: Super fine fibers create tiny air pockets that allow your skin to breathe while retaining your body’s heat.
  3. Durable: Made to last, wool is naturally resilient, and requires less washing.
  4. Antimicrobial and Odor free: Just say no to odor-causing bacteria.
  5. Lightweight: Super lightweight, Merino Wool thermals make a great base layer without bulk.


The last thing you want to do in the winter is send your child outside without their heads being covered. Your head is usually the most exposed part of your body in the winter. 

Leave no ear exposed with our Nui Organic Wool Balaclava. It’s like a one-stop-shop head, face, and neck protection in one. Forget the bulky scarves with this close-fitting head covering.

Best of all, balaclavas can be worn under a hat or hood, or alone. And since it fits around your neck, take it on or off easily, and use it when you need a face covering too!


We offer top to toe protection in our nui organic merino wool thermal Zip Bodysock. 

Imagine a body glove of magical temperature regulating merino - a cocoon for your wee ones that helps their fragile temperature mechanisms cope with thermal changes in the air around them.

Easy access is key, so you parents will love the full-length zip with a safety fold that makes for quick and easy dressing.



Are you demanding enough from your clothing?

High quality winter wear will probably cost you - so will low quality, cheaply made winter wear when it falls apart after a few wears. Not to mention the environmental cost. So while quality natural clothing - especially if it is organic and sustainable as Nui Organics is - may cost more up front, the end cost is actually less expensive.

When you buy and invest in higher quality clothing, you buy less. You and your child can wear the clothing for years, especially when it comes to kids, since you can buy a size up so your child grows into it. And since the quality is so high and fibers so dense, it will maintain its resilience, colors and soft feel from the first wear to the last wash and wear.

When your body tells you the temperature is dropping, invest in quality natural fibers you can count on. Trust us, you’re worth it, and your family and the planet will thank you.

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