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Make Your Holidays Matter


The holidays are just around the corner, and this year probably more than ever, you may be longing for a way to make the holiday madness less stressful, more meaningful and more sustainable.

But how?

In a world full of endless options - greater access to sustainable and ethical brands, 24 hour shopping, and just about everything you could want at your fingertips - sustainable holiday shopping seems like it would be easy, but instead, it feels overwhelming and stressful.

You know what we’re saying if you’ve ever thought “I’m just going to browse for 5 minutes”, and found yourself an hour later still “browsing” and leaving abandoned shopping carts in your wake.

But you’re in luck! Making sustainability simple is what we specialize in at Nui, so get out a pen and paper, and take some notes, because stress-free, no BS sustainable holiday shopping IS the holiday tradition you want to start this year.

Start Now 

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln, former U.S. President

The easiest way to give yourself a greener and more sustainable holiday? Start now.

Formulating a plan ahead of time will help you avoid the need for impulse buying, expedited shipping, multiple deliveries, and best of all, you’ll probably give more thoughtful gifts. Time - our most precious and limited resource - allows us to help save our second most precious resource, our environment. 

More time for research = better choices + fewer panic purchases + fewer returns +more peace of mind =  a healthier planet AND you!

Choose Well, Buy Better

Choose well.

Nobody needs more “stuff”. In a world of excess, no one - including your friends and family - needs you to contribute to their clutter with impractical, unwanted gifts.

Instead, giving a gift you can feel good about giving that lessens your ecological footprint while adding value to the receiver's life, are gifts that are truly appreciated.

Look for items that are sustainably-sourced and produced, made of natural materials that won’t leave a dent on the environment, and that your recipient can use a long time - like organic and natural clothing, accessories, natural wool dryer balls, reusable bottles, straws - to name a few.

Quality Matters

Quality does not mean breaking your budget. Quality, in actuality, is not just about the cost of the item, it is, as defined by Merriam Webster, “What sets a person or thing apart.”

What sets a high quality, sustainable gift purchase apart from one that is not?

  • What is it made of?
  • Is it all natural and organic?
  • How long will it last?
  • If for a child, can they grow into it?
  • How often will the recipient use it?
  • Did the item cause harm in the making?
  • Is the item biodegradable or recyclable?

Quality, in one word, is BETTER MADE.

Quality in terms of a sustainable gift, means the brand went the extra mile to ensure they not only use premium quality natural materials, but that:

  • No harm was caused in the making.
  • Extra measures were taken to ensure the longevity of use and wear.
  • Usage of the item (ex: washing it) doesn’t cause polluting microplastics to be filtered into the ocean.
  • The product is biodegradable and retains it’s lifespan so it can be passed forward for a second life.
  • It just feels good - for you as the giver, and to wear and use for the receiver.

    A good example of this are the Nui Organics Thermals. You can see for yourself how we designed for growth. Using design intelligence, Nui Thermals are not only sustainable, they are “made better”.


    Nui Organics Thermals

    Who What Where


    WHO are you giving to?

    WHAT will you give?

    WHERE will you shop for it?

    Those 3 questions are the key to simplifying everything. So often, the holidays and much of the stress and busyness, is merely a matter of habit and trying to meet other people’s expectations. In a year of massive change and unpredictability, we have a chance to re-evaluate old, outdated habits and traditions, and make choices that align with our current life and sustainable, authentic values.

    Let’s break it down.


    While our ability to connect with people around the world has grown, our capacity has not. How many of your hundreds and thousands of connections on social media are actually real friends? 

    Surround yourself with a community who shares your sustainable values. We only have a limited number of energy and hours in the day. Choosing who and what to focus them on is essential not only to shop sustainably over the holidays, but to having a happy quality of life. 


    While “holiday shopping” and “sustainability” seem to be an oxymoron, they actually go hand in hand, depending on what your what is.

    Natural. Recycled. Handmade. Biodegradable. Useful. Meaningful.

    “What” is not a thing. It is actually about getting specific. The terms above are all you need to choose a sustainable holiday gift. 

    Sustainable holiday gifts give life, not excess waste.


    Commiting to sustainable holiday shopping ahead of time, eliminates wasting hours browsing online, and getting caught in rabbit holes that you never intended on falling into.

    Using a website like, allows you to install a plugin on Chrome (internet browser) and see the eco friendly rating of almost any brand (including Nui Organics). This will direct your focus to only websites that align with your sustainable values.

    Pack Lightly

    Recycled packaging should be a given. If you have committed to sustainable holiday shopping, the packaging matters. Even better, choosing a brand (like Nui!) that uses a single biodegradable shipping bag that can be reused, is preferred.

    Recycled, repurposed, and zero-waste or sustainable packaging can actually set your gift apart from the rest. Showing you demand more from the gifts you give. 

    And with Americans spending $12.7 billion on gift wrapping in 2017, much of which ended up polluting landfills, we all need to rethink how we wrap gifts. Repurposing biodegradable bags, old newspaper, comics, old road maps, recycled brown grocery bags - get creative! 

    Make Your Holidays Matter

    Have Yourself a Merry Little...

    There is nothing that speaks to the spirit of the season than thinking about the impact our choices have on our friends and family, and the world our children and grandchildren will inherit.

    The holidays, after all, are not just about the overflow of gifts, but about the memories created in the celebration of family and the season. And as any conscious person knows, there is a careful balance between making sure your children and loved ones get to experience the joy of receiving gifts without crossing the line of excess consumerism by buying gifts from companies that prioritize the environment, so you can shop guilt-free.

    This holiday season, demand more for what you spend your time and money on. Celebrate yourself for taking time to care about your friends and family’s health and the world around you. 

    Have a green holiday season from all of us at Nui Organics!

    Nui Organics Thermals

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