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Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

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Holiday gifts you'll feel good about giving (and receiving!).


Eco-friendly gift-giving—is there even such a thing? 

Like anyone needs more stuff. And with the 25 million ADDITIONAL tons of waste that are produced between Thanksgiving and New Years each year, we would say no one needs more “stuff”.

But what people DO need are more sustainable and eco friendly things that help the environment, instead of adding to the pollution destroying the planet. 

What would that be you ask? For us at Nui, sustainable holiday gifts worth giving are items that help us clean up the planet by replacing the ones that pollute it.


When thinking of gift ideas for kids, one of the best gifts you can give are the gifts that reduce the family’s carbon footprint. 

Eco conscious gift givers around the world have all breathed a sigh of relief at the idea that a sustainable holiday gift giving is not about adding to the pollution on the planet, but instead can help heal the climate crisis. 

And that’s where this Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide comes in. When you place the intention of the gift to replace a piece of fast fashion in someone’s wardrobe, the act and gift itself can be the best gift for both the receiver and the planet. 

Fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters on the planet, filling the landfills and oceans with microplastics every time it is washed. It is cheaply made with synthetic fabrics so it falls apart easily and to the wearers dismay, causing more shopping, and more wasted clothing to wind up in the landfills. 

The holidays are not about giving “stuff”, instead they are about celebrating the true meaning of the holidays - gratitude for the beautiful planet we live on, and helping others give back with the gift they receive.


Eco conscious gift giving is about giving gifts that are a win-win-win:

  • You win because you feel good about the eco-friendly gift you are giving.
  • Your recipient wins because they are able to use your gift in their daily life, replace something toxic and polluting in their closet, and they get to think about you every time they wear it.
  • The planet wins because nothing was harmed in the making of the gift, and it doesn’t pollute the environment during its life, and biodegrades into nothing when it does end up at the end of its life lifecycle.

What are those perfect eco friendly gifts to give? Because one of the resources we want to preserve is your precious time, here is a list of our best 100% organic, renewable, biodegradable, super soft pieces for kids that are perfect to give, get, and lounge in all winter long.



If there is one thing every child needs during the winter, is a good pair of thermals. Giving a gift that is one of a child’s most worn pieces in their wardrobe is not only appreciated, but giving a Nui Organics set of Thermals that are designed to grow with a child, is like hitting the jackpot for any mum.

The Thermals feature an extra-long cuff that can be rolled up or down, and the sideways stretch allows plenty of room to grow in any direction. Known for our super fine 17.5 micron wool, every design is luxuriously soft against a child’s delicate skin. Flat-lock seams make layering easy. Knee patches add durability. 

Our 100% Organic Merino Thermals sets make the most perfect gifts and can be worn as pajamas or as everyday wear. GOTS certified organic merino, temperature regulating, breathable, fire resistant, calm and soothing, it’s the perfect gift giving essential, for parents and children that “have it all”.


Organic, GOTS certified, incredibly soft, odor-resistant, and naturally antimicrobial (which means less laundry), the Nui Merino Silk Loungewear tops, bottoms and sets are a gift you may also have to give yourself. 

As delicious as it sounds, kids of any age will appreciate a Nui Organics Merino Silk Loungewear set. While many use it for sleepwear because the merino wool helps them sleep better with its temperature-regulating and breathable natural qualities, it also easily transforms into daywear - which is great, considering many kids won’t want to take it off!

In fact, any of our Merino Silk tops and bottoms can be worn under sweaters, pants for warmth, or alone to lounge around the house. Machine washable without the fear of shedding microplastics into the ocean, you’ll feel like you just gave the planet a gift! 


A wardrobe essential, socks make a great gift or stocking stuffer! Our Nui Organics Merino Wool Socks are extra special and when given as a gift due to the inherent properties of wool, they are seen for greater value than a basic pair of cotton socks.

What makes merino wool socks so amazing? Not only are they super soft, itch-free, and warm, wool is naturally moisture wicking. It can absorb a high amount of moisture while keeping feet feeling warm and dry. Plus, all moms will thank you because you can air out all things wool between wearings (that means less laundry - bonus!)

Antibacterial properties and odor resistant, you can’t just buy one - which is why we also have them in packs of 2- 5 pairs for variety.



If you want to give a gift that is sure to get lots of “awwws” when they are unwrapped, a pair of Kina Booties are a must!

Butter soft New Zealand lambskin, these adorable Nui Organics booties are breathable and temperature regulating. Ethically sourced and made, they make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.


The best holiday gifts are the ones that don’t pollute the environment, can be worn everyday, and that the wearer can style multiple ways, depending on their preference.

Enter, the Nui Snood. Whether it’s worn as a neck warmer, a facemask, or a headband, the Nui Snood is a buttery soft hypoallergenic merino silk blend, breathable, and moisture wicking.

Absorbing 30% of its own weight in moisture that releases out into the atmosphere, this smart scarf substitute keeps the wearer warm and dry all day.

The snood is  70% organic merino wool/30% silk, GOTS, Bluesign and Oeko-Tex certified, and perfect for a child or adult.


If you’re new to Nui, you may not be familiar with the classic Nui 100% Organic Balaclava. Otherwise known as a type of ski mask, the Balaclava keeps a little one's head, neck and ears covered and is long enough to tuck into the top of a sweater or jacket.

Made of organic merino super fine 17.5 micron GOTS merino wool, this magical creation can fit under a hat or hood, or worn alone so your little’s head stays warm in the cold, winter weather.

Kids love the versatility (trust us, we’ve found 8 different ways to wear it!) Kid tested, mum approved.


This one is an easy win for both the giver and receiver. All parents love a gift card to their favorite store - and even better is if your gift introduces them to a store they have never heard of that shares their sustainable values so they can shop it long term!

There is nothing better than gifting organic kidswear to another conscious parent!  A gift card is a sustainable and easy way to finish your holiday shopping (and avoid shipping fees and delays!)


Sustainable gift giving IS possible, and it is the only alternative for eco conscious families. This holiday season is definitely one to celebrate, and also one to give back to the world we often take for granted.

We vote for the world we want to live in with every dollar we spend. So in a season of giving, you can know that you’re doing good for the planet AND your family and friends’ families. 

So this holiday season we want to also celebrate YOU for caring about your family’s health and the world around you. 

Have a green holiday season from all of us at Nui Organics!

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