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Organic cotton and YOUR baby.

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Organic clothing is an extremely hot topic these days, especially when it comes to children. Why are so many parents opting to go with organic cotton for their babies?

There are likely a variety of reasons, as each parental situation is different. But what it all eventually boils down to in the end: Parents want the best for their children.

Organic baby food has been hugely popular in recent years because it is made with more natural ingredients and is produced without harmful chemicals.

Why not provide the same quality for your child’s clothing?

Cotton Production

Cotton Growth

Possibly the biggest concern surrounding non-organic cotton is the manner in which it is produced.

Conventional cotton is grown using various toxic chemicals that remain in the cotton even after it is harvested.

For example, the cotton industry is responsible for administering 10% of the entire world’s pesticides. That number goes up to 25% for all the world’s insecticides. This is considerably more chemical distribution than any other crop on the planet.

These chemicals are still present in the manufactured products from these chemically engineered cotton crops. This means they can still be absorbed into your child’s skin when they are wearing non-organic cotton.

It has been reported that 7 of the 15 regularly used cotton-crop pesticides are carcinogenic.

Cotton Clothing Production

The chemicals used to produce cotton are not just limited to the growth stage. Chemicals are also used at the manufacturing stage to repel:

  • Fire
  • Wrinkles
  • Stains
  • Fading

Chemical dyes are also used to create vibrant coloring.

That is a lot of chemical use to produce non-organic cotton clothing. Is that a risk you want to be taking?

Why Go Organic?

Organic cotton is hugely beneficial to your child’s safety and comfort. A baby’s skin is roughly five times thinner and much more sensitive than the skin of an adult. Not to mention it is also way more absorbent.

Wearing conventional cotton can result in skin irritations and rashes, which can lead to other health issues.

Babies are in a crucial stage of development where everything they come into contact with can have either potentially damaging or productive results.

Remove the uncertainty with organic clothing.

Nui Organic Cotton

We hold quality and sustainability in the highest regard. Our goal is to not only to produce organic clothes that are good for the earth, but also for the people that wear them.

Our organic cotton products include:

  • Organic cotton knitwear
  • Organic flannels
  • Organic kids bottoms
  • Organic cotton baby underwear
  • Organic cotton baby tops
  • Organic cotton sleepwear
  • Organic kids fleece
  • Organic baby dresses and skirts
  • Much more….

Is Organic Cotton Good for Your Baby?

In a word: yes. In fact, organic cotton is remarkably good for your baby. It is also great for children of any age as they continue to grow and develop.

Some of the most essential benefits of organic cotton are:

  • Decreased exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Increased safety
  • Higher durability
  • Greater longevity
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility

The most important benefits of organic cotton clothing as a parent, are likely for the safety and comfort of your child. But what about the rest of the planet?

The garment-production industry is notorious for poor treatment of workers and human rights infringement. Conventional cotton production is no exception, and may be one of the worst offenders.

Support your child, human rights, and the environment with organic cotton clothing

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