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Empowering Children and Nature to Lead the Way


Just a few years ago, that option was not a consideration for most parents. Due to the pandemic and shift to online schooling, it turns out those parents who didn’t believe in the traditional school system back then, might have had an insight into the future we are now living in today.

In 2020, the homeschooling community grew to 2.75 million K-12 students and their just-over 1 million families. And even if it wasn’t the preferred method of education for many, 50 million school-aged children across the US, are now doing some form of home/remote learning, whether it is through their local school system or another form of education at home.

At Nui, we have been long time supporters of Waldorf Schools, Nature Schools, home schooling, unschooling, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and despite all of the other chaos that happened in 2020, the trend towards home and nature inspired school programs is one we believe will be positive for children and society.

And here’s why.


While many parents were stressed and forced to find alternative educational methods for their kids, change happened almost overnight.

And that is a good thing. As technology multiplies at a compounded rate - almost daily - traditional educational systems are stuck in old educational models that are not set up to teach students the necessary skills that will be valued in the future world.

What are those skills? It turns out our natural born higher faculties of perception, reason, imagination, resilience, and intuition - the skills we are born with - those ARE the skills that are needed now as rote memorization and information is available at our fingertips. 

The change has happened, and will continue at even a faster pace with every year that passes.

So for that we thank you 2020, for being the rude awakening to all of us that some things - our kids for one - don’t need an app or technological fix to improve, they need to have their natural born skills strengthened, developed, and encouraged - as is done with the homeschooling, nature-based methods we mentioned.

In fact, 35 years of research has shown that homeschool students’ academic performance, social and emotional development, and success in adulthood are above average compared to that of their traditionally schooled peers.1


“All good things are wild and free.”
 - Henry David Thoreau

This is why we started the Nui Sustainability for Schools Program. In support of Homeschool, Waldorf Schools, Nature Schools, Charlotte Mason Schools, Montessori, and other alternative school programs, we want to support their efforts and help them thrive and serve the growing population of children and parents, seeking another way.

As any parent that practices some form of homeschooling, it is exhausting and at times, can leave you feeling all alone. But for those that are able to do it, most report a closer bond with their children, and even a sense of freedom in having a say in their education.

The Nui Sustainability for Schools Program Program is a way parents can support their school programs. Many nature-based schools lack funding, and in order to take on new students, and to expand and grow, financial support is critical to keeping these programs thriving.

To take part in the Nui Sustainabililty for Schools program:
  • Once the school program signs up and is approved, they receive a dedicated link they can share with their student’s families. 
  • Just like an affiliate program, when they share that link with their student’s families and if they click on it, they receive a “cookie” on their web browser that is active for 30 days.
  • If within those 30 days, the person makes a purchase, the school receives a percentage of the sale, to spend however they see fit to support their school program.



With the pandemic at hand, we don’t know the future of our educational system.

But what we do know that we can at least support the nature-based schools focused on building resilient, confident, and happier kids. For that is our future and the future we choose to create for our children.

If you own Homeschool, Waldorf Schools, Nature Schools, Charlotte Mason Schools, Montessori, we invite you to apply for the Nui Sustainability for Schools Program Program. And if you are a part of one, please share this link with your administrators so they can get access to a program to help with additional funding. 

Photo Credit: Laura Agaba

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