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Interview: Courtney Jolivette @pslovejoli

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Behind the Scenes with Our Conscious Mamas 


Courtney Jolivette is a Holistic Herbalist and Doula, and a mom of one girl and three boys, aged from 2 - 13.

We came across Courtney on Instagram in one of her viral posts featuring her daughter Skyylotus  (age 2) as she was meditating to a singing bowl, and were captured by the moment. A true example of living a holistic lifestyle and showing her love of nature, Courtney shares her bold and empowering voice on Instagram and in her business Earth Mama Naturals.

A healer and meditation teacher, Courtney uses her passion and innate skill to teach meditation to young children in meditation groups and also to her own four children, to help them feel safe in their own environment. 

Recently, we had a chance to ask her about her adventurous lifestyle, her recent move to Puerto Rico, and how she exposes and teaches her own 4 children to nature, spirituality, and having a sense of calm in their own being.

Tell us about yourself and your family.

I am a Holistic Herbalist and Doula birth worker, through my business Earth Mamá Naturals. I have four kids ranging from 2-13, three boys and one girl, and I am a stay at home mother living my purpose in my everyday life.

You have such an incredible natural lifestyle. How do you spend your days?

I spend most of my days creating. I am a content creator on Instagram and also a herbalist so I make specific blends for mothers and women who may be having issues. I work with my children in meditation groups and sound healing. We periodically take trips into nature to balance out life and calmness and also so they will always feel secure in their environment. I recently moved to Puerto Rico so we spend a lot of time in the mountains of the tropics living off the land.

We love how you have taught your children how to meditate and do yoga - and clearly, since your posts of Skyylotus meditating have gone viral - everyone is in awe! Can you share some tips on how other moms can teach their children meditation?

I always tell parents your children mimic what they see and hear! Be the representation that you know your children need! Show them you can be the calm in the storm. Be mindful in your own mind and secure in your thoughtfulness. Be the love you want to be and deserve to have. Show them what it means to break generational curses and to become a product of a healed future.

As we all have adapted to this digital age, and with your social media page growing in popularity, what is your relationship with the internet and how are you teaching your kids to remain grounded while using it? 

I take breaks and I detach when needed.

We know you live a minimalist lifestyle and appreciate eco-conscious fashion for you and your kids. What do you look for when you buy clothing for your family? 

I look for sustainable, eco friendly, and respectfully preferably small brands to work for. I work with many, but I hold the truth when I say I want to see more BLACK OWNED WOMEN OWNED brands shown as well.

Nui Mamas

What do you look for when you shop for your own clothing?

I thrift a lot so I look for neutral tones and what feels good to my soul! I love light fitting clothing 

You recently received some Merino Silk from Nui - how did it hold up to your expectations?

I absolutely love the color and the material was perfect for me coming from Puerto Rico to cold Georgia.

As a mother to four kids, a Doula and Holistic Nutritionist, how do you find time for yourself and what self care practices do you turn to? 

I practice self care by telling myself it’s ok to say no! It’s ok to not take on so much and breaks are always needed.

Where is your favorite place in nature? 

I’m a medicine woman. I go where the herbs are.

Words to live by: 


You can connect with Courtney on Instagram here @pslovejoli 

For more on how to teach your children to meditate, check out our podcast episode with her here.

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