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Interview: Brooke Thompson @wildfolk_mama

In News

 Brooke was the lucky winner of our recent #WOOLWEEK $500 Nui Giveaway.

To enter we asked people to tell us why they were WILD ABOUT WOOL.

There was SO MUCH goodness in those responses.  Lovers of merino magic who understand and embrace its added value and many sustainable benefits.

Our winner Brooke was one of those and agreed to share her thoughts with us..


1. What is your name and where do you live?

    Brooke Thompson, Ontario Canada

    2. How do you spend your days?

      As a mother of two, I spend most of my days focused on our family routine, but between all the typical day to day activities, we try to spend as much time as possible outside, exploring nature with our boys.  My husband works 12hr shift work, so on his days off I work, but I also try to carve out some creative time as well.

      3. What was the inspiration behind @wildfolk_mama?

        @wildfolk_mama is a small window into our lives, as we navigate life with these children, hoping to inspire others to get outside, into nature and live simply, enjoying the beauty around us.

        4. In your bio you mentioned slow living, what does that mean to you?

          Slow living for us is the understanding that we don’t need much to be happy.  Time with our loved ones is really the most important, everything else is just stuff.

          5. Tips for other mamas...

            I have no tips for other mamas, just hugs.  We are all doing our best, and it’s all we can do, especially these days, it can be overwhelming and draining.  Trying to balance parenting, working, household responsibilities, all while keeping our families, healthy and happy.  I’ve just accepted the messiness that comes with two children, and more often than not I’ll ditch those household chores to run off to the woods with the kids, and I’ve learned to lose the guilt that comes with that, and just enjoy those moments.  

            6. Why are you #wildaboutwool?

              There’s so many reasons to be #wildaboutwool. First, I will always choose natural over synthetic, always.  And wool is on the top of the list, especially with its durability for our children.  I first fell in love with wool in my youth as I specialized in textile design at school, working with wool from its raw form, felting, and spinning yarn, and weaving tapestries.  It’s a beautiful medium to work with, and it’s an even more beautiful material to wear and sleep with.

              7. Tell us a bit about your art, the inspiration behind it, have you always been an artist etc..

                Yes, I’ve always felt an urge to create with my hands.  It’s how I calm my mind, it’s how I process emotions, it’s a meditative practice, and I feel a little outside myself when I don’t allow the time to be creative.  Even if that means crafting with my children, whatever the medium, I’ll find a way to work with it.

                8. Is sustainability important to you and your family and, if so, why?

                  Sustainability is most definitely important to myself and my family.  It’s the only way to ensure a future for our children.  I believe our money is our vote, and when we are conscious consumers, we are able to make an impact on what needs to happen in the global market.  

                  9. Favorite book and/or music?

                    Favourite music will forever and always be The Grateful Dead.  

                    10. Words to live by...

                      As a mother my words to live by are “raise them wild, show them kindness, teach them peace.”  

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