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Chlorine free wool and why thats important.

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Most wool, in order to make it machine washable, is still treated with CHLORINE. Chlorine might seem cheap and easy upfront, but it is most definitely BAD and more costly in the long run.

Nui GOTS certified organic merino wool is NOT processed using chlorine. Instead we use a GOTS approved PLASMA treatment, safe for the wearer AND the environment. This is important. Please make informed fiber choices and choose the environment.

To elaborate; wool has an abundance of characteristics that we LOVE. But it also has small barb-like scales all over it. Without treatment, when the wool is washed and dried, these scales all tangle together and cause shrinking and felting. Unfortunately the most common way to render wool machine washable is to treat it with chlorine.

This process however, results in wastewater with unacceptably high levels of adsorbable organohalogens (AOX) – toxins created when chlorine reacts with available carbon-based compounds. Dioxins, a group of AOX, are one of the most toxic known substances. This wastewater is so toxic in fact, that the process is not even permitted in the USA. It happens in ‘other countries’ and the processed wool then imported into the US. This is just one of the reasons we choose chlorine-free GOTS organic wool. We care about children, families and the environment EVERYWHERE.

For more information you can check out the Environmental Working Group Website’s information on chlorination byproducts.

As well as the oecotextile website clarification on organic wool.

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