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Choose to Challenge


“The most courageous act is to think for yourself. Aloud.”
Coco Chanel

Every day is a day to celebrate the amazing women in our lives, but International Women's Day gives us all the reminder to take notice of what is possible when women challenge the boundaries of the status quo in order to transform industries and influence systematic change.

When it comes to protecting the health of our planet and the health of all living things, there is no one better than a strong woman who has the strength, courage, and heart to conquer seemingly insurmountable obstacles with a problem-solving attitude.

We only had to look to our own #nuiworld for inspirational examples of incredible women from around the world, in their pursuit of helping others live healthier and more sustainable lives while being the example in their own life of how it is possible.

These are just a handful of all of the amazing women we wanted to feature. Join us @nuiorganics as we will continue to feature other inspired women living sustainable lives.




Nui Podcast

Courtney Jolivette is a Holistic Herbalist, Doula, and a mom of three, living her purpose everyday in her business Earth Mamá Naturals. She also practices meditation and sound healing with her children, to teach them to feel safety in their own environment.

As a holistic healer, she prioritizes living a natural and sustainable life, which includes her wardrobe. She seeks out sustainable, eco friendly, small business brands like Nui, and has a special focus on black-owned women businesses.





Kelly is a travel writer and photographer, and hosts the popular family travel and adventure blog No Man Before.  A lover of exploring the great outdoors, she strives to respect the planet in how she lives, travels, and with what she buys.

When it comes to her family’s wardrobe and the products she recommends for her blog readers, Kelly seeks out comfortable, durable, and sustainable clothes for all seasons.  And as she said in a recent blog post “Nui is one of my favorite companies that makes high quality merino wool clothing for babies and kids; they even recently launched a women’s line which I love! The desire to respect both people and the planet guides their entire design process as they aim to minimize waste throughout the entire lifestyle of their clothes.”

No Man Before



Julia is a writer and photographer, and is well known for her tips about living simply, slowly, and sustainably, which she shares on her blog Simply Living Well. She is also the author of Simply Living Well: A Guide to Creating a Natural Low-Waste Home, teaching the wisdoms she learned from her grandparents as a fix for any problem - from food fixes, to home care, to healing your mind, body, and spirit. 

Julia has become an inspiration and advocate for those seeking to live a more sustainable life, learning more about natural wellness, and incorporating both into their everyday lives.

When it comes to her own wardrobe and recommendations for her readers, Julia gravitates towards minimalism and prioritizes quality over quantity.  She looks for practical pieces made of natural fibers that can be layered to work any season of the year, avoiding synthetics that are not recyclable and biodegradable and shed microplastics into the water supply when you wash them.

She is a fan of our Nui Merino Wool Fishline Sweater

Simply Living




Felicia is a mom of two boys, wife, doctor, adventure enthusiast, food lover, and photographer. Despite her busy schedule raising her sons and working as a full-time physician, she manages to balance her work demands and everyday parenting responsibilities (school, extracurriculars, meal time, bath time, bed time), never taking a moment for granted, and making the most of her family time.

Her instagram and blog are journals of the things and experiences she appreciates and cherishes. Felicia feels that being “balanced” is not about being stress-free, or getting enough sleep, and it’s not achieved by being comfortable, or by having a good job or enough resources. It’s about making sure that the different parts that give you meaning in life, and that make you feel alive and healthy, are nourished. It’s about investing your precious time on what matters most, and to pursue your interests with great passion.

One of those interests is choosing high quality sustainable clothing for her family. Since her family spends so much time outdoors, she prioritizes practical, comfortable, durable and sustainable fibers. She is a big fan of the Nui Merino Silk, which she tested on several outdoor adventures and found them to be soft, comfortable, breathable, temperature regulating, sweat and moisture wicking. 

Felicia Wong




Podcast episode

Meet Anisa Woodall, MS CN and a real-food, holistic Certified Nutritionist who helps women connect and listen to their intuitive voice to develop a healthy relationship with food and with themselves, so they can realign with their values of minimalism, health, and environmental respect and raise healthier children.

We recently interviewed Anisa for our podcast, and discussed how everything from your food and clothing choices prior to conception, can impact your unborn baby’s health, why we, as a society have become so disconnected from ourselves and the role nature plays, and why sustainability in our food and clothing is a much deeper conversation than just having less pollution.

Anisa is an incredible inspiration and example of how to live a healthier and more sustainable life, while raising a baby and running her own company.





Podcast episode

Dr. Elizabeth Wade is a Naturopathic doctor who believes nature is our best teacher and that there is no one size fits all cure. Her approach to medicine is getting to the root cause with a medically based and naturally focused approach. 

Using a combination of nature, science and tradition, Elizabeth believes that the answers to our health lies within each of us and physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, genetic, environmental and social factors all contribute to health and disease.

Dr E Wade



As you can see, we are not alone in our quest for inspiring a healthier, ecological and sustainable world, with hopes to inspire a culture of sustainable solutions with respect for people and the planet as a part of everyday life.

Nui Organics was founded by Amanda Searancke in 2004.

“Respect for both people and planet has always been at the core of the Nui brand. I wanted to create a brand that was good for the environment and everyone associated with it - growers, farmers, animals - and to be a place where families could shop for natural fiber clothing and feel empowered about their purchases making a difference for the environment."

Based on a foundation of sustainable values we continue to be rooted in a culture of consciousness, community, compassion, transparency and intentional design, that puts people and the planet first.

We’re proud to stand amongst other incredible women using their courage and vision to create positive change for both people and the planet.

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