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Buying Tips: Winter clothing that lasts

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A Shopper's Guide to Finding Quality Sustainable Sweater & Knits

 We love the brisk winter mornings, playing in the snow, and piling on the layers so you’re always warm and snuggly. But when your kids are growing fast, finding high quality sweaters and knits can be expensive! So it's important to know what to look for that will keep your kids AND your wallet happy.

Not all clothing is made to last. In fact, the definition of “fast fashion” means that it churns quickly, season to season. That means the focus on quality is usually diminished and the result is disposable, low-quality clothes in the stores.

Since kids grow so fast, it's tempting to think that buying cheaper clothing won’t matter, since they will grow out of it before it tears. But that’s not the case. When you know what to look for and which brands prioritize longevity and quality, your clothing not only lasts longer, but probably is designed so your kids can grow into it.

Why Merino Wool

Unlike synthetics which are industrially produced from non-renewable fossil energy, Merino wool is a natural fiber grown year-round by Merino sheep, consuming a simple blend of natural ingredients including sunshine, water, fresh air and grass. Every year these sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a completely renewable fiber.

Additionally, what makes wool more amazing is that it is composed of a natural protein called keratin - the same protein found in human hair. Just like human hair, there are different grades of wool, based on the micron (diameter) of each fibre. One micron is equal to one millionth of a meter that determines the quality and use of the wool.

Wool with the finest micron comes from Merino sheep and is used for high-quality, soft-handling and higher quality clothing. The average micron of human hair is between 50 to 100 micron. Merino wool is generally less than 22 micron, and Nui Organics uses 17.5 micron in its knits, which shows just how soft this premium fiber is.

Let your hand guide you

The best way to judge a fabric, knit or woven, is to touch it. Does it feel thin, brittle, and rough? Or does it feel smooth, soft, and substantial?

Because merino wool’s fibers are so thin but strong, they can be tightly woven, which makes them dense but still lightweight. That means higher quality, super soft, and because wool is naturally elastic, your child can buy a size up and grow into it, easily and comfortably!

Ask for more from your clothing investments

High quality will probably cost you - is what most budget-minded families believe when thinking about their children’s clothing. And while quality natural clothing - especially if it is organic and sustainable as Nui Organics is - may cost more up front, the truth is, the end cost is actually less expensive.

When you buy and invest in higher quality clothing, you buy less. Your child can wear the clothing for years, especially since you can buy a size up so your child grows into it. And since the quality is so high and fibers so dense, it will maintain its resilience, natural dyed colors, and soft feel from the first wear to the last wash and wear.

 Additionally, with programs like Nui Rewear, you can sell the items at a higher price when your child has outgrown it.

Lastly and certainly of most importance, is that buying natural and organic clothing is a healthy choice for your family and the planet. No microplastics in the ocean, biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable, it really is a natural choice.

Magical Other Benefits of Merino Wool

At Nui, we think our organic merino wool temperature-regulating garments perfect for all seasons, but especially for winter! Breathable, insulating in the winter, moisture-wicking, and snuggly soft and warm, we can’t think of anything more magical for winter clothing, EXCEPT two more things that you will have you believing in magic tool. 

    Yes, it’s true! Organic merino wool is breathable, moisture-wicking and odor resistant, so it can be aired out between wearings. Less maintenance and more time to go outside and play!
    Gone are the days of bulky layers, feeling like you ARE the snowman when trying to layer, and itchy wool that feels like barbed wire.

    Because we use the finest of organic merino wool fibers, they end result are thin base layers that still have the natural insulating qualities of wool, yet they are super soft and perfect for smooth layering.

Count on Quality

Hopefully these tips will help you to buy better, but you’ll know that you are investing not just in your child’s wardrobe, but their long term health and the health of the planet. Be sure to look for brands like Nui Organics that share your values and care about the world we live in.

Putting people and the planet first. Our planet. We care.

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