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A Sustainable Future in Changing Times

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“Humanity needs to enter the post-coronavirus era, not looking back to the way things were but pointed towards where we need to go.”
John Erik Meyer
President of the “Canadians for a Sustainable Society” NGO


It’s a new time in our world and what was once “normal” doesn’t exist right now. But honestly, what is “normal” anyway when you are a parent?

At the time of this article, the world is in a state of pause. Most businesses have been forced to pause. People have been forced to stay home with their families and pause their busy lives. And Mother Earth herself has been allowed to pause and rest.

While we don’t want to downplay the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic, at Nui, we have a hopeful optimism for what the future holds. In a post-coronavirus era, humanity has an opportunity to reinvent what “normal” is. We have a chance to remember our values - which many will reconnect with during this time - and make new, value-aligned and sustainable choices that will affect their communities, the environment, and the planet as a whole.

After all, people who already prioritize slow living, sustainable fashion, and minimalist living have been examples of the future that everyone wishes for but didn’t know was possible or that existed. But as conscious parents, we have a special gift given to us by our children that all parents have but may have been too busy to notice - and that is the gift of noticing their curious and resilient spirit doesn’t need more “stuff” to be happy. They are just delighted with a moment in time and a butterfly in nature.

And they may just be onto something - with their eternal optimism, presence in every moment, and the simple joy they have for every little thing and the resilience they have when faced with a challenge. They ARE the future and maybe we should all take a cue from them during these changing times.



Because a sustainable society is an inherently resilient society. Sustainability and resilience can work together in the economy, retail, systems of government and almost any other system in existence, including the systematic solution for humanity.

Resilience is the ability to recover from a disaster that could have been prevented or mitigated with sustainable practices.

Need toilet paper anyone? Not to make light of the panic-buying behavior caused by the scarcity and fear-based buying from the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in empty shelves worldwide - but it’s a great example of how we have been living in an overly entitled, overabundant and unconscious world. Now that we as a society have been forced to stop and reflect, many are waking up to just how much they “need” in order to live.

The values of many have been forgotten or buried under the extravagant, on demand, everything culture, resulting in a comparison that leads to wanting and getting more, rather than being present and the realization you have enough.

But resilience and sustainability IS the way we CREATE the new normal. The sustainable future. The one where people AND the planet win and how we recover from this world event.



The world we envisioned with the birth of Nui was a world where we are led by our values, with a focus on minimalism so we could have MORE by actually having less. We envisioned and still do, a world where the planet is not filled with pollution, where nature and the environment thrives so we can wander in pure amazement of it’s beauty and our children can learn what is truly valuable in life.

So what do we do now? As a community that already values slow and sustainable living - what other changes can we make to help the consciousness of the planet shift along with us?

As we continue to champion our message of organic, natural fiber clothing that causes no harm in the making and gives you and your family a choice to look, feel, and know you are making the world better by being in it, along with other sustainable fashion and retail brands, we need your help.

Right now, small businesses all over the world are suffering. Some have been forced to shut down, permanently due to lack of business. People are suffering and many have been laid off. Lack of money, fear, and uncertainty have kept many people from stopping all not urgent expenditures. As we all sit and wait for the ability to return to our lives, at Nui, we want to elevate, connect, and empower our community in this virtual environment.

We want to facilitate conversations to empower you, our #nuiworld community with sustainable solutions you can use in your everyday lives, ideas so you can thrive not just survive this time in tight quarters with your families and, as a small business, keep us moving forward and stay true to our shared purpose of a sustainable future, beautiful eco conscious clothing that your family loves, and keep us all connected and engaged in times of great complexity.

Know that during these times, your continued business and support for us and for all of the other sustainable brands you believe in is now more important than ever, to ensure that optimistic, sustainable future we envision becomes our reality.

To help make that happen, here are a few things you can do to help sustainable small businesses you support survive during these challenging times.

  • If purchases are not necessary to you right now, leave a review.
  • Shop local and make an effort to shop directly from brand websites rather than Amazon when possible.
  • Turn on your notifications for their Instagram and Facebook and like and tag friends under their posts. This will help other sustainable people find great brands!
  • Post photos of you and their products and tag them. At Nui, we love sharing our #nuiworld community photos on our page and many other brands do the same.
  • Buy gift cards - many brands have low stock due to blocked shipments from the coronavirus lockdown. With gift cards, you both win!


While this shutdown across the world is challenging for everyone, it could just be the opportunity that catapults sustainable small businesses - the ones you believe in that are leading the change towards a cleaner and healthier planet - to gain momentum and show others to the mindful and conscious world without excess IS possible.



For us here at Nui, we are passionate about the environment. Climate change, deforestation, pollution, ozone depletion, a floating continent of plastic in the pacific ocean are realities of current and future generations. A tiny piece of microplastic in the ocean can be one million times more toxic than the ocean water around it, as it absorbs toxic chemicals like PCBs and DDTs—chemicals linked to endocrine disruption and even cancer.

Nui Organics is and will remain a company based on a foundation of sustainable values. By choosing natural, organic, renewable, and biodegradable fibers like merino wool and organic cotton, you buy premium quality natural clothing that respects the environment, won’t bleed microplastics into the ocean, and is the safest and most comfortable clothing for your family.

In these changing times, we know every choice and dollar matters. That IS sustainability after all and it IS and always has been the future for us at Nui. Buy less, buy better, and let’s create this new normal world together. We need you and value you.

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