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Companies we Love ::: David Trubridge

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David Trubridge is a New Zealand based furniture and lighting designer.  We used some of David's lighting in or FW15 photoshoot - large and small Ruth Rockers and the Koura and Floral hanging lamps.  

We love David's business philosophy as much as we love the pieces he creates.  We respect his commitment to sustainability, his originality, his respect for the environment and his adventurous spirit both in life and in product design.  His love of the landscape and his attention to its detail is evident in all he creates.

We used 'Rings' - one of Davids original drawings on one of this seasons rompers, the Eel Romper in Dark Grey. 

'Rings' is from the Traces Series by David Trubridge

"The crackled surface of melt pools on an Antarctic glacier; intricate, abstract layers of siltstone along a rocky Otago coastline; shoot-green bursts of life after a winter deluge in the Outback these are the evocative images that inspired Rings."

David Trubridge is definitely a Company We Love.   Visit him yourself at  DavidTrubridge.com   DavidTrubridge.com

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